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Dea Matrona might look like an apparition straight from Almost Famous, but don’t be fooled: there’s nothing “almost” about this group. They’re set for superstardom. Siblings Mollie (21) and Mamie (17) McGinn, – alongside their lifelong friend Orlaith Forsythe (20) – formed Dea Matrona in their hometown of Belfast in 2018, armed with their formidable talent, a dream, and an ear for a great hook.

Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder has voiced his ardent support for the trio, saying “pretty damn good, girls!” Dea Matrona have built their exciting act by harnessing the energy of the great women of classic rock before them, to create a unique and refreshing sound that combats today’s overproduced, over-synthed musical climate.

You can hear the influence of Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Zeppelin (and even a bit of Joni Mitchell!) in their brand new single ‘Make You My Star’. The track was mastered by the legendary Jon Astley (The Who), and produced by Mollie, Mamie and Orlaith themselves. The single takes a swan-dive back in time to the golden age of rock n’ roll, complete with a shredding guitar solo, and dripping with infectious melodies.

Of the single, the girls explain: “We wrote ‘Make You My Star’ late one night in the garage back in November. It started out with the guitar riff and came very quickly to us. We were gigging a lot that month and this song is really inspired by the atmosphere that is unique to a rock concert – which is ironic now, as we won’t be having that live music experience again for a while. ‘Make You My Star’ really captures our live sound, and is our heaviest song to date. We were planning to release this in April to play on tour but our plans got delayed with all that’s going on right now. We had so much fun with it, we really hope people can hear that!”

Dea Matrona really aren’t here to play – they’re here to rock your world. The girls have honed their astonishing live skills performing to packed out rooms all over their native Ireland and the UK, headlining sold out gigs at Black Box (Belfast) and Whelan’s (Dublin).

“Dea Matrona are here to prove that rock and roll is alive and well in 2020” - Hot Press Magazine

“Set for rock stardom” - The Irish News

“These girls can really play!!!! I LOVE IT” - Don Felder (Eagles Guitarist)

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Friday, 13 August 2021 - 5:30 PM

Dea Matrona

Dea Matrona

Stendhal Festival

Played on stage: Karma Valley Stage

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