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Edelle is an experienced guitarist and vocalist who has been providing church music for both weddings and funerals for over 20 years. Originally from County Monaghan, she now lives in East Belfast. A member of her local parish church choir since childhood, she has an extensive repertoire that encompasses both traditional hymns and more contemporary liturgical music.

Available at short notice on both weekends and week days, she is willing to travel throughout the diocese, and is more than happy to provide advice and guidance on selecting the most appropriate hymns for the various parts of the mass.

As a consummate professional she can provide music for the full mass – processional hymn, psalm, gospel acclamation, offertory procession, mass parts (holy, holy; consecration acclamation, lamb of God), communion or recessional hymn.

If there is a hymn or song that is particularly special to you or your family, Edelle is happy to learn it, provided there is sufficient time.

Edelle has an extensive repertoire of both liturgical music and secular songs. Please see the repertoire page of her official website for a full list of both!

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