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An Alt Rock band from Northern Ireland combining strong riffs, delicate harmony and ear catching melody to bring you their take on modern Alternative Rock.

Hailing from different parts of the Ards peninsula, the band was originally formed in 2010 by Christi McCullough, Conor Ritchie and Pete Barber, whilst studying music together in college. After a few years playing around Ireland the band took a break to focus on other things.

In 2019 they reconnected and rediscovered their love for playing music and writing songs together. After spending much of 2019 reviving and reworking the songs they had worked on so many years ago, they entered the studio in early November to finally bring them to life.

Thus the “Youthful Souls” EP was born. A collection of four songs tackling everything from love, loss and the challenges of getting older.

The band finalised their Lineup with the addition of bassist Steven Dennett and are now looking to make their mark once again on the Irish music scene and beyond.

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