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Sarah Toner seamlessly blends unshielded lyrics with her rich and raw vocals creating an indie-folk style that isn’t pastiche. Vulnerability and boundary pushing are at the centre of the world Sarah has been secretly creating over the past year.

For fans of: Julia Jacklin/Big Thief/Laura Marling.

“You’re not thinking of me was written about the end of my last relationship.” Sarah says, “Penning the song took a lot out of me emotionally and I couldn’t revisit it for weeks after because it hurt too much. The song embodies the longing for answers when you’ve been cheated on, and the desire to be on that person’s mind when they’re with their new person.

It’s basically just a big f**k you to my ex really.

I want it to resonate with people who have been broken. I want it to feel lonely yet indestructible. I want it to help heal. I’d like to think It’s the kind of song you’d listen to in complete solitude when you need to cry.” Sarah has spent lockdown recording with producer Declan Legge (Jealous of the Birds) in his studio, perfecting the songs.

She has also been writing with Ciaran Lavery on some of these songs and its fair to say that he is enamoured with her voice.

“What a f**king voice! When Sarah sings it makes me feel like I’m watching my favourite movie, the one I know all the words to. She is packed full of raw talent and anger and a sensitivity that is so visceral and natural that it is difficult not to get on board with this.” - Ciaran Lavery

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Friday, 13 August 2021 - 12:00 PM

Sarah Toner

Sarah Toner

Stendhal Festival

Played on stage: Air Stage

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