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Ninja Bio Belfast-Based Instrumental Duo String Ninjas are made up of Fingerstyle Guitarist Gavin Ferris & Electric Violinist Mick Conlon! There may only be 2 in the band, but their sound is as big as their personalities!

Gavin takes care of the Rhythm, Bass & Harmony thanks to his virtuosic and percussive Guitar style, while Mick handles the bulk of the melody lines thanks to his classical training and desire to sound like Hendrix on Violin! Just because they don’t sing, doesn’t mean the audience aren’t allowed to.

They first appeared on the Belfast Music Scene at an Open Mic night at the Cuckoo Bar in Belfast, where a Facebook Live broadcast proved to be a huge success for both the Bar and the new Duo.

After a number of successful appearances at events such as Belfast Culture Night, Sunflowerfest and the Hilden Beer & Music Festival they’ve started to get a lot of attention, especially for their groovy twist on the Game of Thrones Theme Tune. If you’re lucky enough to catch them at one of their several Belfast City Centre Residencies you can expect a Set-List as wide and varied as the sound FX they use.

From 90s Dance Music to Classic Rock, From Bluegrass to Trip-Hop, no genre is safe! Their unique approach to music has made them a popular choice for people looking “something different” for weddings and corporate functions. Outside of the covers that have helped them make a living doing what they love, their own original compositions are unique in their own right.

Recorded at Cloud 9 Studios in Belfast, their debut EP “Silent Reflections” evokes drama and suspense through exploration of harmonies and dissonances! Their style of self-promotion is always with a nod to their childhoods and humour, hence the 8-bit caricatures that can be found super-imposed upon iconic duos in history, none more so than Mario & Luigi. They’re serious about not taking themselves too seriously, and they do just that!

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Friday, 13 August 2021 - 5:10 PM

String Ninjas

String Ninjas

Stendhal Festival

Played on stage: Stevie Martin Stage

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