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The melodies of pop and dance music have always rubbed shoulders with something more visceral and frantic in the head of Andrew Wilson. When he was making mix tapes at school blending Nirvana and The Pet Shop Boys, he didn’t yet realise that one day he might have the musical tools in his kit to try and cut a path between both. Enter Drew Makes Noise.

Since previous venture Ed Zealous called time, Drew Makes Noise has been tinkering in his home studio. Immersed in a world of synths, guitar effects and canned orchestras, he’s been living in a psych-pop-prog-rock world all of his own, wandering musically in the psychedelic pastures of The Flaming Lips and MGMT.

With an album on the hard drive and a smattering of singles poised for release, Drew aims to bring an emotional rollercoaster of scatterbrained fun to 2020. Debut single “Satellite”, was released March 6th, replete with a bonkers DIY music video that sees a cast of his childhood toys take off for space in a Supermarionation style Odyssey. Drew Makes Noise and his band "The Big Waow" were all set for their debut show scheduled for 2 days after the Coronavirus lockdown.

Not to be undone Drew released more singles during lockdown.

Latest Release "Baby Blue" is an adult themed, orchestral nursery rhyme written for his 1st child.

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Sunday, 15 August 2021 - 12:00 AM

Drew Makes Noise

Drew Makes Noise

Stendhal Festival

Played on stage: Henry McCullough Stage

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