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City - Lisburn




"Rumbling grunge dynamics, some personal politics and a deal of pop nous" - Daily Mirror

"Their music crunches, shouts and inspires. Their big tune, 'Brainwashed' is the wake-up call we need." - Mirror

They say that music is the art of rule breaking, and nothing could be more true for this alternative rock band, Molto Vivo.

Quickly rising in their local music scene, the artists behind Molto Vivo have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for.

This three piece, made up of Mattie Bell, Rae Sofley and Jordan Dickson combines grunge, rockabilly, classic rock, punk and theatrical composition to provide a well rounded and distinct style.

Described as "The Pixies met Green Day and had a baby!" by Half Bap Studios and "the most important, vital and entertaining band in Belfast ever, bar none" by TWBS, Molto Vivo are soaring through the early stages of their career, having played at Bang On Fest Berlin and taken the winning spot to headline Firestone Stage at Vantastival 2019.

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