Belfast Live Lockdown Sessions #2 (online livestream)

Oh Yeah Music Centre

Event date: Fri, 05 June 2020 - 12:00 PM

Event description

Running live from 12pm – 9pm on the Belfast Live’s Instagram channel in partnership with the Oh Yeah Centre, the sessions will also be a chance to highlight all the Covid-19 support available for artists and enjoy the sounds of some of our favourite locked down musicians.

Here's the full schedule for the #LockdownSessions2;

12pm - Arvo Party
1pm - Hex Hue
2pm - Tour Alaska
3pm - Rebekah Fitch
4pm - Cherym
5pm - Hunkpapa
6pm - Strange New Places
7pm - REWS
8pm - David Keenan

Just as before, Rigsy will be our host for the day having a chat with each act before they play their sessions.

The Lockdown Sessions also coincide with music retailer Bandcamp waiving of all fees for the day, so if you hear something you like, then show your support by making a purchase.

Played as a part of this event:

Arvo Party Cherym David Keenan Hex Hue Hunkpapa Rebekah Fitch Rews Strange New Places